Plan A Summer Getaway In Redfield, NY

The Redfield town located in Oswego County of New York, US has a population of 550 and is also part of the Town of Mexico. The town is part of the lake effect snow belt; winters usually see the town layered by heavy snowfall. However, the town is known for its wilderness and natural beauty which makes it a great destination for a weekend getaway. It lies by the border of Jefferson County of New York and is located on the Tug Hill plateau of northwestern New York.

The area has several natural attraction destinations such as the Salmon River Reservoir. Also known as the Redfield Reservoir, it is a man-made lake that was created when a hydroelectric dam was constructed here on the Salmon River. The river’s waters are known to have several fish species such as the rainbow trout, the yellow perch, brown trout, walleye, smallmouth bass and others. The riverside beaches provide ideal spots for camping and other outdoor recreational activities.

If you are planning to come here, there are different resorts and hotels that you can consider for staying. For instance, the Tug Hill Resort is one of the popular resorts here, which is run by a couple. The hotel is highly rated by most visitors who find the premises to be great as well as the amenities.

Other local and well-reputed places to stay here include Tailwater Lodge Altmar. Not only is the tapestry collection here remarkable, the rugged style of the hotel adds to the charm of staying in this rural countryside area. Another place with a similar appeal would be The School House Inn. It is a place that people come to in the winter months even, for snowmobiling. The convenient rooms and facilities are well liked by most.

Other hotels here that one can consider is the Red Carpet Inn Pulaski where rooms have standard amenities on offer; you would also find Driftwood Motel here to be fairly rated for its facilities.

There are other places to consider as well, such as Salmon River Pub and Grill that gives you a chance to dabble in the river fresh cuisine here besides opting for accommodation facilities as well.

Besides the above-mentioned places to stay, you could easily find outdoor parking areas for RV owners and campers. For an outdoor summer getaway close to New York, this is an ideal place to plan for. Simply log online and find the place of stay or camping area of your choice. It would be best to book from before to get the best deal or the best spot to rent. You can also plan for different recreational activities here during the summer months.

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