White Dove Crow, White Crow

Visionary, "talk-walker", truth seeker, wise woman.  These are all words that have been used to describe White Dove Crow, White Crow.  White Dove Crow, White Crow is a universal teacher, speaker and author who continually looks beyond the illusions of everyday life.  She travels throughout the United States and Canada hosting retreats, talking/teaching circles and sharing her teaching wherever she is invited.
White Dove Crow, White Crow teaches traditional Native American teaching and spirituality.  In addition to her Native American teachings, White Dove Crow, White Crow teaches universal and spirtual principles channeled through her by her guide, Straight Arrow.  She truly is a "talk-walker".  White Dove Crow, White Crow not only teaches on all levels of consciousness, but is committed to living the same principles that she teaches.  White Dove Crow, White Crow is constantly growing and reaching new levels of consciousness.  She then teaches those concepts to others so they may be able to obtain new levels of awareness in their own lives and look beyond the illusion of the ordinary world.
White Dove Crow, White Crow is a powerful teacher who teaches respect and honor for all of creation.  She teaches us all how to live a more spiritual and enlightened life.

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